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Thanks for your interest in NoClone Duplicate File Finder. To express our gratitude to you, we will be offering an exclusive 33% off discount code starting today until 31 Dec 2015. 

Simply enter the e-mail addresses of five friends at a time in the following boxes. We will send our love in the form of a 33% off voucher to you and each of your friends.
Don't worry, once we have sent your friends their vouchers, the e-mail addresses will be discarded. We won't contact them again unless they desire it.
Thank you for helping us spread the love!
P.S. We love you!
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1. Please enter a valid Email address in order to get the eCoupon. The Email address you enter will not be shared in any way.
2. Customers can refer as many friends as they like during the period, we will however monitor for unusually high use.
3. Usually you will get the Email containing the eCoupon within 5 minutes after you press the Submit button in the above form. However, due to some unexpected conditions, this may take longer. If you fail to receive the license Email after 24 hours, please contact our nc@reasonables.com and we will send it manually.
4. Reasonable NoClone retains the right to end this promotion without notice.

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