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NoClone - remind and remove duplicate downloaded DivX files

It's so common that we download DivX files more than 2 times in the computer, particularly for that are used frequently.

An unofficial survey indicated that about 10-20% of files can be regarded as duplicates in a common file system. For instance, in your 40 GB personal data, around 4-8 GB disk space is wasted in this scenario. In some report from NoClone user, they can find up to 300 GB data in a single search session, which is already the total size of a typical hard disk! As one of the popular file formats, there are lots of DivX files as duplicates.

NoClone Duplicate Download Reminder prevents you downloading DivX files again and agin from internet to mess your hard disk, which is a great waste of time and money.

From now, save time and same money   Buy Duplicate DivX File Reminder and Remover  Download Duplicate DivX File Reminder and Remover


  1. Download a trial version.  Download Duplicate Downloaded DivX File Finder
  2. Install it. Min. requirements: Windows 98 or above on Pentium-class machine
  3. Run NoClone.
  4. Select folder(s) to scan by clicking Browse button e.g. D:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\Downloads.
  5. Select All from File type.
  6. Click Search to start scanning for true duplicate files.
  7. After a while, true duplicate files (exact-content duplicate file search) are listed in right pane.
  8. Click menu Mark -> Smart marker to automatically select files for removal by date, size, version, file name pattern and folder.
  9. Review your marked files by opening it, add or change any marks you made.
  10. Click menu Action, SaveSpace to remove duplicate download DivX files, Move marked files to temporarily archive your files before deletion or Copy .
  11. Confirm your operations and Duplicate download DivX files are cleaned up.

WARNING: Delete files at your own risk, please review carefully before deleting duplicates.

Binary comparison of downloading DivX files contents (click to enlarge)

Experiencing Duplicate Download DivX Files Reminder (New in NoClone 2011)

  1. Download NoClone 2011 Home Or Free / Enterprise
    Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, 2008, Vista & Windows 7 (+64 bit!)
  2. Install NoClone and make sure to enable ReasonableToolbar. For more detail, you can check here
  3. Download a DivX file from Internet. Click Save once download dialogue prompt from NoClone.
  4. Repeat step 3 and a reminder will prompt!

Popular questions for DivX files or DivX file format

  • What is DivX?
    • DivX is a video format created by DivX, Inc. DivX became quite popular due to the ability to compress videos to almost 15% of the original size (i.e. 2Gb doen to 700Mb).
    • That means a full film can be fitted into a CD. What is important, the .divx files retain much of the original quality of the DVD, sometimes the result is even indistinguishable from the source.
    • Compared to DVD, DivX had some shortcomings, it didn't have interactive video menus, multiple subtitles or audio tracks, chapter points and some other features of DVD.
    • Small size and high quality made DivX the most popular format of online video.

  • How to uninstall DivX Setup
    • It is very easy to uninstall the Divx player from your system. Just follow the steps below to uninstall DivX from your system:
    • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\program data\DivX\Setup (If you are unable to do so, then just copy the above location and paste it in the navigation toolbar of the My Computer. )
    • Run the setup file, DivXSetup.exe
    • A DivX uninstall window will appear
    • Select all and press ok. This will uninstall the DivX player from your system.

  • DivX Player
    • The DivX company offers a DivX player that will allow the playback of many DivX encoded files.
    • Their newly updated player is capable of full HD playback in multiple container formats.
    • The most popular video containers to hold DivX encoded files are MKV and AVI.
    • The DivX Player will play both. While it’s not the most popular player around, it gets the job done. 
    • For people looking to play DivX encoded files along with many others, we recommend VLC. 

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