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  • Pre-defined Search Type
  • defind duplicates

There are 7 search types you can set namely: Exact-content duplicate file, Same-name duplicate files, Large duplicate files, Large files ,Zero-size files, All files and Custom .

  1. Exact-content duplicate file
    Same-name files are suspected to be the same but their contents may be different. Duplicate files are those contents identically the same regardless file name. 
    File A: 1010101010101
    File B: 1010101010101
    File A is exactly identical to file B.
  2. Same-name duplicate files
    Those files with the same file name but may different in content.
    Note: Make sure these file are identical before deletion.
  3. Duplicate MP3
    Searching MP3 with same Title and artist in MP3 tag.
    Note: You can included other information like album, track No. by checking corresponding boxes.
  4. Large duplicate files (>1 MB)
    File sized more than 1 MB and having same file size are compared among each other in terms of their content. 
  5. Large files ( >1 MB)
    File sized more than 1 MB and having same file size are compared among each other in terms of their content. 
  6. Zero-size files
    Those files without any contents. They are usually temporary files.
  7. All files
    This option allows user to search for all files in the in the path specified.
  8. Custom
    This option allows user to make custom filtering setting. The combination can be varies such as same name but not same size , same content but not same name.
    Note: Check the box [Remember Settings] if you want to keep your changes.

     exclude path

  • Hidden Folders and Files
    Check this to include hidden folders and files in the search. Note when this is not checked, if files which are not hidden but located in a hidden folder, they will be not be included in the search.
  • Protect system folder
    Exclude Windows folder and Program files folder in the search. It is highly recommended to check this box.
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