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Distribution agreement

NoClone is a shareware that can be distributed freely without changing any file contents and files in the zipped file.

End-user license agreement

1.          This license is granted in return for payment of NoClone produced by Reasonable Software House (REASONABLE).

2.          In return for the above consideration, REASONABLE grants the right to use one registered copy of Software in only one computer.

3.          As a shareware, trial version can be distributed freely without changing any file contents and files in the installer file.

4.          Only 30 days are allowed to use if the copy of NoClone is not registered. The user will be given the registered user name and registration code for registration by email

5.          This License does not include the right to updates, upgrades, or other enhancements. However, this License does apply to any update, upgrade, or other enhancement if provided by REASONABLE.

6.          This License confers no title or ownership in the Software, and confers no rights whatsoever in any associated source code or in any other intellectual property of REASONABLE. This License is not a sale of any rights in the Software.

7.          The Software may not be disassembled, decompiled, decrypted, or reverse engineered unless REASONABLE's prior written consent is either obtained or not required by law.

8.          This License is transferable subject to REASONABLE's prior written consent, and subject to the transferee's agreement in writing to the terms and conditions of this License. Upon any such transfer, the transferor will immediately deliver all copies of the Software to the authorized transferee, and the transferor's rights under this License will automatically terminate. This License is also binding on any involuntary transferee.

9.          REASONABLE may terminate this License upon notice to the user for failure to comply with this License. Immediately upon the termination of the License, the user will destroy.


REASONABLE hereby agrees, at its sole expense, to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Licensee, its Subsidiaries and Affiliates, and any officers, directors, employee or agent thereof from any loss, liability, claim, suit, action, cost, judgment, final judgment, expense, or damages (including reasonable attorney fees) resulting from a claim that the Software, information, documentation, diagnostics and any other material furnished by REASONABLE to Licensee for use under the Agreement infringe, or are allowed to infringe the trade secrets, proprietary information, trademark, copyright, patent right, or confidential proprietary information of any third party.  The foregoing indemnity obligations shall be contingent upon the following: 

(a)        Licensee shall give prompt written notice to REASONABLE of any claim, demand or action for which it is aware that indemnity is sought;

(b)        Both parties shall fully cooperate in the defense or settlement of any such claim, demand or action. Licensee has the right to representation by its own counsel at its own expense.  If the terms of the  Agreement are enforced by litigation the prevailing party is entitled to collect its reasonable attorney's  fees and other costs incurred from the non‑prevailing party; and

(c)                The parties to the Agreement shall obtain the prior written agreement of the other party concerning any settlement or proposal of settlement, such agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld. 

¡P        Should any portion of the Software or its intended use become, or in REASONABLE¡¦s opinion be likely to become, the subject of a claim for infringement of a patent, copyright, or other proprietary right, REASONABLE shall procure for Licensee the right to continue using the Software or shall replace or modify the Software without degradation to functionality to make it non infringing.   


This software and the accompanying files contains no warranty. The user must assume entire risk of use. In particular, files are deleted at your own risk.  

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