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File removal

After marking duplicate files to be removed, you can delete, replace by hard-link(NTFS link) , move and copy files.

  • Deleting marked files
  1. Click the Action > Move in the menu bar.
  • Delete permanently     - delete the file permanently from the hard disk. The deleted file is unrecoverable.
  • Move to recycle bin    - Move the file to recycle bin. File can be recover from the recycle bin. This option is recommended for deletion to prevent accidentally information lost.
  • Replace by NTFS link   - Replace the marked files with hard-link. It means that files are linked to the same source only and the rest are deleted , yet it could still access the file in original place. This option is recommended as it could retains the file structure and the point of access to the file.

    Notes: you can optionally check the option [Remove empty directories after deleting] to save your time to delete all of these empty directories. You can check the option of [Replace by shortcut] to leave a shortcut point to its master copy after the duplicate file is deleted.

Recommendation: Move files to a temporary folder or burn CDR/DVDR to archive files for some time before deletion.


Warning: Delete files at your own risk, verify those files to be deleted carefully. We don't bear any responsibility for any loss you have made.

  • Moving marked files
  1. Click the Action > Move in the menu bar.
  2. Click [Browse...] to select destination folder.


  • Copying marked files
  1. Click the Action > Move in the menu bar.
  2. Click [Browse...] to select  destination folder.
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