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Production Information
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Product Information

What is the main purpose of NoClone?

NoClone is a professional duplicate files finder and remover featuring byte-by-byte comparison and smart marker for deletion. NoClone was recommended by ZDNet. NoClone works very fast with limited number of files, however, in enterprise context, the greatest challenge to NoClone is scalability problems. 
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Is it safe to delete duplicate files?

By the new features of NoClone4, Files can be replaced by hard link. It is safe to delete the duplicates but retain the file organization. To see more about hard link , click here. In general, deleting duplicate files without hard link depends on situations. Files can be divided as data files and program/system files. Program files usually located in program folder or system folder which usually a .exe or .dll file. It is not recommended to delete files in Program File and Windows unless you are an advance user. For data file, it is safe to delete duplicate file after you preview the files before you delete.
For NoClone, it is safe to find out duplicates because NoClone compares files by a true byte-by-byte comparison which means NoClone only highlight files with same contents regardless of file name. And also you can search for same name or same size duplicates, depends on your search requirements. But it is strongly recommended to review files before deletion. 
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What are the differences between versions?

Trial Version:
A trial version will be expired in 30 days. If you feel the trial version works for you, you can register and get the full version at http://noclone.net/buy.aspx
Home and Enterprise Edition:
The main difference of Home and Enterprise Edition is that Enterprise Edition can search over unlimited network drives for duplicate files in single scan while Home Edition is only limited to 5. For more information please visit http://noclone.net/mybuy_details.aspxx 
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Does NoClone available in other languages apart from English?

Apart from English version of NoClone, Japanese version are now available. For details about NoClone Japanese version, please visit Reasonable NoClone Offical Web Site (Japanese).
A Great news: You can get 5 free licenses of NoClone Enterprise Edition v3.x if you traslate the user interface and documentation into other languages like German, French, Chinese, etc. Please contact us at general@noclone.net for further information. 
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Does NoClone have any limitation?

In NoClone v.3.2 , NoClone can only search for maximum about 300,000 files in a single search for 256MB main memory (the number varies depending on the size of main memory). But we have overcame this problem in NoClone v4.0 and now capable to search 1,000,000 files at a time. Although NoClone v3.2 may not search for large scans of files at a time, you can divide the searching into 2 or more. To do this:
  1. Activate NoClone
  2. In "Search criteria", click "Browse"
  3. Select the target path and click "OK"
  4. Enter the file type you want to search in the file type field.
  5. Click "Define Report" and set the "Min File Size" (eg. 0KB) and "Max File Size" (eg. 500KB)
  6. Click Ok to confirm setting and close the define report dialog box.
  7. If you need add more than 1 path, Click Add more path and click "Add>" to add the target paths and repeat step 2 - 6. If not , just move forward.
  8. Click "Search" to start searching
In this way, NoClone could scan fewer files at a time as the file size is limited. After each searching, you may repeat step 2 to 8 with different "Min File Size" and "Max File Size" to have another search. 
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Product Purchase and Delivery

Could I request a hard copy of the software instead of downloading NoClone from the website?

You can either download the software from our web site at http://noclone.net/download.aspx or request an Installer CD-ROM from email us. For details about the Installer CD-ROM, please visit http://noclone.net/buy.aspx. 
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Does NoClone provide volume discount to batch buyers?

Yes. We do offer Volume Discount to buyers. For details, please visit http://noclone.net/mybuy_details.aspx. 
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How can I purchase NoClone?

You can purchase NoClone by this link: http://noclone.net/buy.aspx. 
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After I paid for the software, what I need to do next?

After you paid for NoClone, a registration email is sent to you with your registration name and code. Please allow up to 20 minutes for the registration email to deliver. If you did't receive the email, please check that:
  • If the email address you gave us is different to the one you used for the payment agent, please check both email boxes.
  • Check your Junk Mail Folder
  • Check your spelling of your email address.
If you still do not receive registration email from us, please feel free to contact our Customer Service at anytime. 
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After I input the registration code into NoClone, it seems not working. What should I do?

Please make sure that characters are case sensitive, no leading and no ending space. If problems still exist, please feel free to contact our Customer Service at anytime. 
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I lost my registration email, what should I do?

If you lost your registration detail, we can provide you another email with the details, please contact our Customer Service at anytime. 
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How do I pay?

  1. Online Payment
    We accept payment from payment agents like PayPal, ShareIt and RegNow. If you pay by e-check using PayPal, please allow up to 4 days for the payment to confirm.
  2. Bank Deposit/ Wire Transfer
    Bank: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)
    Bank address: 1 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong
    Name in account: Reasonable Software House
    Account no.: 808 032353 001(HKD) / 808 032353 274(USD)
    Bank Code: 004
  3. Phone Order
    You can call our payment agent including ShareIt and RegNow to purchase NoClone. For details, please visit http://noclone.net/buy.aspx

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Production Installation

Where can I download the software?

If you want to download NoClone, please visit http://noclone.net/download.aspx. Click the link and save NoClone onto your computer. After you have downloaded NoClone, extract the compressed file and run noclone to start installation.
  • Please note that you still download NoClone from the same link no matter which version you purchase, NoClone will identify the version when you enter the registration code.

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I can't install NoClone, what's the problem?

You may use the zip version instead as the self-extractor may contains bugs. You can download the zip at http://noclone.net/noclone.zip. Uninstall the existing setup before a new installation. 
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My system crash when running NoClone, what should I do?

  • Please login your Windows as administrator, turn off all unnessary background programs e.g. Anti-virus programs and then run NoClone again.
  • You may try download the latest version of NoClone. Please visit http://noclone.net/download.aspx to download the latest version of NoClone. Please uninstall the current setup before the new installation.

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Return and Refund

I changed my mind and I think NoClone is not suitable for me, can I refund it?

Sorry, we don't offer refund for change of mind. 
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My computer can't run NoClone, can I refund it?

We don't offer return and refund once we sold our software. But if you found the software is not working in a technical way, please contact our Customer Service. 
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Product Upgrade and Support

Notice: We offer unlimited minor upgrades. That means you can upgrade NoClone from ver 3.0 to 3.x but not ver 4.0. 
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How to upgrade my old version of NoClone to the latest version?

  1. Download the latest version of NoClone at http://noclone.net/download.aspx
  2. Click Start --> Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs
  3. Find NoClone and uninstall it
  4. Extract and install the downloaded NoClone
If you can't find an entry in Add/Remove Programs, simply install the latest version to overwrite the older version. 
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Why I still don't receive registration information after purchasing NoClone?

If your payment is made with eCheck, it requires 4 business days to clear. If you need to activate NoClone immediately, place another order by credit card using ShareIt, PayPal or RegNow at http://noclone.net/buy.aspx . Email us after your second order and we will cancel your first order by eCheck. 
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Why my email can't be used to register?

If you paid by RegNow or ShareIt, both of them do not accept "free" email address like Yahoo and hotmail. But PayPal accepts any email address. 
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Can NoClone handle duplicate MP3 files?

Due to byte-by-byte comparison, mp3 records from different sources cannot be detected.

Here is the suggestion for future release. Sure, we can compare the waveform to see if they are similar but simplicity, we can list the mp3s with the same title and singer under mp3 tags and then allow you to make files by sampling rate etc. It is possible to implement the later case while difficult for the former case. 
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Can NoClone handle duplicate files at MS Outlook?

NoClone cannot scan duplicate attachements. However, there are some programs can find duplicate email. You can start your search by the term "duplicate email" in the search engine. 
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After scanning the drive, NoClone didn't find any duplicate files from my computer, anything going wrong?

There are 3 points to be aware in searching duplicates.

  1. You can check to see if the folders you search for is under Program Files or Windows folders. As these folders and their sub-folders. As these folders and their sub-folders are protected by NoClone, you have to disable "Protect system folder" to allow your search.
  2. Check whether your search only limited to a specific size (such as min = 500KB , max = 500KB) or just searching zero-sized files if you want to check for all files.
  3. Check whether the excluded path setting is the same as the included path setting.

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What is Smart Marker?

Smart Marker automatically mark files for deletion by click menu "3. Result Files" --> "Smart Marker (recommended)". You can mark files by date, size, version, path, file type and file name. However, you should use the preview box and opening file to ensure if marked files can be deleted. Delete files at your own risk. 
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Why the computer frozen out crashed?

It is because NoClone is still comparing a lot of files, it may not halt. So it is recommended to wait for a few minute for completion. 
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Why I cannot uninstall NoClone?

To uninstall NoClone:

  1. Click "Start" --> "Control Panel"
  2. Click "Add or Remove Programs"
  3. Select "Change or Remove Programs"
  4. Find Reasonable NoClone in the "Currently installed programs" list
  5. Click "Remove" to uninstall NoClone

In this way, NoClone can be removed safely. 
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