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Duplicate Email Remover (Outlook)

Duplicate email may not contribute much in reserving disk space, however duplicate email is indeed a problem that messes your email box up. Moreover sometimes send and receive problem will generate extra copy of email in your mail box, which are annoying and time consuming to tidy up.

Features of email message comparison
  1. The content in an email in MS Outlook are in terms of RTF,HTML or plain text. When our duplicate email remover compares content in the email, plain text is given the highest preference.RTF and HTML format are only used after the email message or a post couldn't be presented in the plain text format. In the processing of comparing, Space, hyphens and Tags are ignored by our email remover.
  2. In comparing a header from an email message, Our remover ignores information about service sites and the email information of service time. Because email headings will differ among different services.
  3. As we known, duplicate emails will occur from the same sender at the same send time. So, our duplicate email remover compares the email sending date.
  4. Someone maybe pop the question of how about the attachment in the email message? This flexible remover will compare both the file names and the exact content for each attachment.

Searching duplicate outlook email is one of the new feature in NoClone since 2007.

You can customize the duplicate email definition by pressing "Define..."

After searching is completed, you can mark emails by "Smart Marker" depending on different criteria.

And remove them by "SaveSpace". NoClone - duplicae email removaer offer 3 email removal actions: Move to deleted items,Delete permanently or Remove the duplicate emails to one folder which you want to place them in.


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